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Meet CGT Marketing –
Advertising & Digital Marketing Agency

Welcome to CGT Marketing, a breath of fresh air in the marketing industry! We are a leading full-service advertising and digital marketing agency based in Long Island, New York that blends traditional with digital marketing methods to achieve exactly the results you’ve been seeking.

While many marketing companies and advertising agencies (digital or traditional) love to tell you how great they are, or how great they’ll be, the truth is you really don’t know what to expect until the relationship begins. But here at CGT Marketing we have the years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry, along with a proven track record, to back it up.

By combining your objectives with our creativity and marketing savvy, the right mix of traditional and cutting-edge digital methods, careful planning and visual intelligence, we breathe life into every project and deliver unparalleled results. With original ideas, tactics and strategies, we’ll help you achieve measurable success.

That’s why for advertising, branding, lead generation, search engine marketing (SEO), email marketing,  social media, and website design, Long Island companies and businesses around the world rely on CGT Marketing.


Latest Blog Post

Email is Having a Moment....

Email newsletters are majorly growing in popularity, says a recent report by the New York Times.....

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Branding Better Burs.

The brand launch of BNA Burs is set to go. These German engineered rotary instruments are the latest and greatest tools for Cosmetologists and Podiatrists.


The Future of Digital Dentistry is Here!

Our new booth design for DDI Labs promotes their online process for dentists to scan and send cases to labs for quality work and fast turn-around.

Our new booth design for DDI Labs promotes their online process for dentists to scan and send cases to dental labs  for quality work and s fast turn-around. – See more at:

Watching Sales Skyrocket!

Sales are taking off with Rocket Production’s new ad campaign for their innovative line of P.O.P. components.




Finding Hinge Perfection.

Engineers seeking the perfect custom hinge can now go to the Hinge Guru microsite CGT Marketing helped create for industrial hardware leader H.A. Guden.